What content are you putting out?


We all know we should be producing content. But sometimes it can be hard to figure out how, or even why. 

Let’s clear this up. Once and for all! 

Content is there to raise your profile and build trust with your prospects. The idea is NOT to self-promote, but to find out what your clients need – and give it to them for free. 

Shock Horror! 

“For FREE?”, I hear you scream, in frustrated anguish.  

Yes. For free.  

Building up trust happens through content that you produce at cost. That. Cost. Is. Your. Time. So schedule it and use it well, and great things will start happening – both for you, and your clients. 

Self-promotion is so off-putting. Basically, it turns you into that irritating guy at the party who won’t listen or discuss but just jabbers on and on about how great he is. 

No one likes that guy. 

So please don’t be that guy. 

Be the person who reaches out, the person who helps, and gives people confidence. The person who motivates people and inspires them.  

Hope costs nothing… 

So give it to people! You’ll get so much more in return.  

What do your clients need? 

Ask yourself: 

What issues are you solving for them?  

Think about the big picture.  

What problems, or pain points, are you tackling with your service?  

Contextualise it in your mind. Create a mind map if that helps you.  

Grab a notepad and pen. 

Are there any other ways you can help them in this area? Any nuggets of wisdom you can provide?Anything they might need to hear, or make them feel more positive?  

Spend some time head scratching. Then put the ideas pad down for a while. 

Make an effort to walk in your clients shoes. 

This is all about becoming useful to the people who are in a position to buy. It’s your self-penned, self-constructed internship to the world. 

Start taking charge of it. Today. 

Thanks for reading! 

Here’s an example of the power of Explainer Video:

Find out more about branding, marketing, and the most effective ways to connect with your client base at: tomlynam.co.uk. 

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